Florida Bail Bond School is a fully accredited Florida Bail Bond education provider in accordance with the Florida Department of Financial Services regulations, Provider ID #30977.
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Florida Bail Bond School, in partnership with the University of Florida are the premier providers of the 120-hour Pre-licensing Bail Bond course which is needed to become a licensed Florida Limited Surety Agent commonly referred to as a Bail Bond Agent.


Florida Bail Bond School provides real world, fully accredited, continuing education courses to licensed Florida Bail Bond Agents.

Qualifications to become a Florida Limited Surety Agent / Bail Bond Agent.

By Florida state law, you must:

Special Note:

Applicant cannot be any of the following:

Steps to become a Florida Bail Bond Agent.

In order to become a full-fledged Florida Bail Bond Agent, you must first receive a Temporary License and intern with a licensed Bail Bond Agent for one year. In order to activate your Temporary license, you must be employed by a Licensed Bail Bond Agent and stay employed by only one licensed and appointed supervising bail bond agent during this time.

Once issued a Temporary Limit Surety Agent license and while accompanied by a supervising bail bond agent or an agent from the same agency you can learn the business and assist with posting bail at correctional facilities, presenting defendants in court; apprehending, arresting, and surrendering defendants to the proper authorities; and keep defendants under necessary surveillance.

Related Florida Statutes:


Before applying for your Temporary license, you must complete the following:

You Must have the following prerequisite(s) before applying:



Submit proof of education requirements along with:


Note: If licensed in another state within four (4) years, provide a Letter of Clearance.

After successfully completing your internship period, you will be eligible to take the state exam to become a licensed Florida Limited Surety Agent / Bail Bond Agent.


Florida Limited Surety Agents/ Bail bond agents must pass a state exam administered by PearsonVUE. In order to sit for the exam, you must have prior approval from the Florida Department of Financial Services. If the applicant fails the exam three times, the 120-hour approved basic criminal justice certification course must be completed again.


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A lunch break and several small breaks will be given.

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Monday through Friday


Florida Bail Bond school provides the 120-hour pre-licensing Florida Bail Bond agent course in an innovative instructor-led internet classroom setting taught by lead instructors with decades of experience in the Florida Bail Bond industry. This course is fully accredited with the Department of Financial Services and will satisfy your state requirement for licensing.

This course is completed fully online, saving you hours of driving time, and hundreds in gas and childcare. This course is a webcast classroom course, with a live instructor, delivered through the internet. All that is needed is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection and a noise-canceling headset which can be purchased for approximately twenty dollars on Amazon.

Our free study guide is available for download below. The final exam is completed in a private web meeting, one on one, with a live instructor / proctor.

We’re here to ensure that you get the required passing grade without wasting your time and money.

Our instructors are dedicated to teaching you all you need to know, taking it step-by-step as you study our detailed training materials.

$695 All Inclusive


Florida Bail Bond Agents must complete fourteen hours of continuing education credit every twenty-four months to maintain their license. As providers, we are dedicated to offering CE courses relevant to the duties of real Bail Bond Agents.

The two highest liabilities as a Bail Bond Agent are getting sued and getting killed. Effective Bail Bond Agents must know exactly what they are legally allowed to do as well as how to do it safely.

Bail Bond Agents should stay up to date on current law and Bail Bond regulations. If a Bail Bond agent participates in fugitive apprehensions it is advantageous to seek consistent training in grappling, first aid, weapon safety / law, and de-escalation.

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The course will provide the bail bond agent with an introduction or refresher into the topics of Arrest and Control. The bail bond agent will develop the necessary tactical knowledge and skills to arrest, control, and transport a subject in custody safely and effectively.

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